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Erto briefly in English

Union of Private Sector Professionals Erto

Erto is a labour union for employees working in expert positions in the private service sector.

Our members represent a wide variety of fields, such as transportation and forwarding, advertising, marketing, market research, ICT, health care and social services, financial management, physical exercise, culture, free-time activities and other special fields.

Erto has six member associations representing a number of fields of activity. Your member association is determined automatically by the field of activity of your employer.

Erto has eighteen local chapters that look after the interests of the members and organize recreational activities.

Erto has 13 000 members with women accounting for over 76% of the total. The federation is a member of the Finnish Confederation of Salaried Employees STTK and is not affiliated with any political party.

10 reasons to join Erto

  • Protects your interests in the labour market
  • Influences labour legislation
  • Provides training for members and shop stewards
  • Offers support and assistance in the workplace through shop stewards
  • Gives advice on employment contracts
  • Provides legal assistance and free legal aid
  • Offers the membership of an unemployment fund that pays unemployment benefits in case of lay-offs or unemployment 
  • Offers excellent insurance coverage
  • Organizes events and offers special discounts

How to join Erto?

To join Erto, fill in our membership application online. There are different membership options available to best suite your needs. Täysturva-membership is our full coverage membership with the most membership benefits and services. Starttituva-membership is an affordable starter membership for for 18–29 -year-olds. There is also a student membership for those who study full-time and an entrepreneur membership for the self-employed/entrepreneurs.

Become a member

Erto's membership types:

Membership Täysturva-member (full coverage membership) Starttiturva-member (starter membership) Student member Entrepreneur member
For whom? Anyone working in the private sector 18–29-year-olds working in the private sector Full-time students Self-employed/entrepreneurs
Membership fee 1,25 % of gross monthly salary, 10–44 € per month 25 € per month 10 € per year 19 € per month
Membership includes:        
Employment law councelling x x x x (available only in matters pertaining to your own employment relationship)
Legal help in employment disputes x x x  
Limitless legal expenses insurance to cover the cost of employment disputes x      
Legal expenses insurance with a 20 000 euro limit to cover the cost of employment disputes    x    
Employment contract checking service  x x x x (available only in matters pertaining to your own employment relationship)
Collective agreements and salary recommendations x x x x
Right to participate in member votes and  surveys  x x x x
Possibility to influence working life matters in your own field x x x x
Right to use shop steward's services at the work place x x x x
Unemployment security x x   18 month post-protection
Erto's training sessions, webinars and events x x x x
Member association's benefits and services  x x x x
Local chapter's recreational events x x x x
Travel insurance (for those who are under 68 years old) x   x x
Commercial benefits (eg. discounts from hotels, spas and cruise lines and from our insurance partner Turva) x x x x
20 % dicount from invoicing service x x x x


Transferring from one union to another

Fill in our application online. Make sure your membership fees are up to date in your current union. If your membership fees are not up to date when transferring from one union to another, you will compromise your unemployment security. 

Few of our core member benefits explained:

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Employment law councelling

Members, who have questions conserning their employment relationship, can call Erto's legal aid number tel09 613 231. The service is available Mon–Fri 8.30–13.30. Our lawyers are happy to help with any questions you may have.

Erto's lawyers also assist members to settle disputes that may arise with the employer. 

Nainen, jonka hiukset hulmuavat kasvojen edessä

Legal expences insurance

Erto's Täysturva-membership (full coverage membership) includes legal expenses insurance to cover the cost of employment disputes.  Starttiturva-membership (starter membership) has a legal expense limit of 20 000 euros. 

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Unemployment benefits

If you lose your job or get temporarily laid off,  you are eligible for earnings-related allowance as a member of an unemployment fund. Erto members are members of the Koko unemployment fund.

You can get in touch with the Koko fund by either calling their service number 09 4763 7600 (Mon—Thu 10—15, Fri 10–13) or by signing in to Koko fund's e-service. 

For additional information about unemployment benefits, please visit the Federation of Unemployment Funds in Finland's website ›

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Collective labour agreements

Erto's primary task is to protect the interests of its members in the labour market. By far the most effective way of doing so is to conclude collective labour agreements and ensure that they are complied with.

A collective labour agreement is a nation-wide agreement between a trade union and an employer organisation specifying the salary to be paid and other terms and conditions of employment. Collective labour agreements define the minimum terms and conditions of work, such as earnings, overtime pay, holidays, occupational health care, etc. In their individual employment contracts, employees may naturally agree on terms that are more favourable than those stipulated in the collective agreement.

Added weight to the agreements is lent by the fact that, in Finland, membership in unions and employer organizations is high compared with other EU countries.

Erto negotiates nation-wide collective labour agreements for seven fields of activity. For fields of activity with no collective agreement, Erto issues salary recommendations based on research findings.

Erto's collective agreements in Finnish ›

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Basic insurance coverage for members is provided by statutory social security that is supplemented with the collective labour agreement, group life insurance negotiated by the central employee organisations, a special union-specific insurance , and any additional insurance you may take out for yourself.

Statutory insurance provides coverage primarily for those who are gainfully employed.

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Discounts and other benefits

Erto's membership fee includes an extensive insurance coverage package from Erto's insurance partner Turva for Täysturva-members (full coverage membership), complete with travel insurance. In addition, members can make use of the federation’s member associations' timeshares and receive discounts and special offers from shipping lines and hotels etc.

Henkilö on kietonut kätensä toisen henkilön ympärille ja he hymyilevät.

Improving working life

Intense competition has given rise to harsh values in working life. In contrast, the trade union movement cherishes justice, equality, and responsibility for others. We speak not only about euros and percentages but also about issues that help improve the quality of life at work, such as harmonization of work with free-time and life-long learning.

The trade union movement is an active player in developing the working life. Its main task is to uphold the welfare state by influencing the labour market and the economy. The collective bargaining system is based on the principles applied by the International Labour Organization ILO that underline the importance of co-operation between trade unions, employer organizations and the government.

Membership fees by member type

Membership fee payment options



Erto's employment law councelling

Advice on employment relationship, employment contract and labour dispute matters: 

Tel. 09 613 231
MonFri 8.3013.30